מק"ט: #132 | משך קורס: 8 שעות אק'

Java 7 will soon be released.
Ever got tired of shell-based build-scripts (e.g. make)?
Ant is a Java-based build tool. It is platform independent, XML-based, extensible and has support from every IDE.
Ant is de-facto the Java build standard.
This course will introduce the basics of Ant, cover the most important Ant tasks and focus on standard usage in build environments.

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קהל היעד

Java developers, Team managers and Architects.

דרישות קדם

Java Experience.

נושאי הקורס

Introduction to Ant (3 hours):

  • The Motivation for Ant
  • The build.xml
  • Targets & Tasks
  • Properties

Core Tasks (3 hours):

  • File/Directory Tasks
  • Compile Task (javac)
  • Packaging tasks
  • Unit-testing Tasks

More Ant Power (2 hours):

  • Breaking the Build into Modules
  • Using Conditions
  • Using External Tasks
  • Integrating with Build Environment