AOP with AspectJ

מק"ט: #6930 | משך קורס: 16 שעות אק'

Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) is a programming approach that provides the ability to achieve modularization for crosscutting concerns, i.e., logic that applies to many parts of the application, in a single place and to have that logic applied across the application automatically.
By using AOP, the developer can create highly maintainable and extensible modules and produce a code that is more readable and reusable.
AspectJ is the most popular AOP language/platform for Java and provides a powerful compile-time and load-time solution for building AOP-based logic and adding it to an application.
The course includes many examples and hands-on exercises by means of which the material is demonstrated and practiced.

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קהל יעד

Java developers, team leaders and project managers

תנאי קדם

Familiarity with the Java language


Introduction to AOP:

  • When Object-Oriented Comes Short
  • Introducing Aspects
  • Advice, Joinpoints & Pointcuts
  • Types of Weaving


Using AspectJ:

  • Pointcuts in AspectJ
  • Load-time Weaving
  • Inter-Types
  • Instantiation Models


AOP in Practice:

  • AOP at Development Time
  • AOP for Production
  • AOP at Design Level
  • Pitfalls and Best Practices