CDI – Contexts & Dependency Injection

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Contexts and Dependency Injection is a new standard introduced in JavaEE 6. Dependency Injection is a very important design concept and while EJB 3.x supports dependency injection it is limited to ‘resource injection’ from the JNDI. Meanwhile, frameworks that provide core dependency injection services (e.g., Spring and Guice) gained a lot of ground and are considered sometimes as an alternative to JavaEE application server. CDI is a standard contract for dependency injection framework which provides powerful and rich dependency-injection features seen in the aforementioned popular frameworks

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קהל יעד

Java developers, team leaders and project managers

תנאי קדם

Familiarity with JavaEE


Introduction to CDI:

  • What is CDI?
  • Understanding Dependency Injection
  • Types of CDI Beans
  • CDI Scopes
  • CDI and the EL


Contextual Injection:

  • Contextual Injection
  • Injection Types
  • Creating Producers
  • Working with Qualifiers
  • CDI Stereotypes
  • Creating Custom Scopes
  • Contextual Life-cycle
  • Understanding CDI Proxies


Deployment with CDI:

  • Defining CDI Alternatives
  • CDI and Integration tests


More CDI Power:

  • Interceptors
  • CDI Decorators
  • CDI Events
  • The Observer Design Pattern


CDI and Frameworks:

  • CDI and the Application Server
  • CDI and Spring
  • CDI and Guice
  • CDI and JSF