Enterprise Java Beans - EJB 3.1

מק"ט: #3501 | משך קורס: 24 שעות אק'

EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) is the one of the key standards of JavaEE.
EJBs allow the developer to concentrate on the business logic whilst all the peripheral services are taken care of by the application server (clustering, persistence, locking, messaging, pooling, etc…).
EJB is one of the main reasons for the great success of JavaEE.
Version 3.1 of EJB has great features for developing business logic in enterprise applications.

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קהל יעד

 Java developers, team leaders and project managers

דרישות קדם

 Familiarity with the Java language

נושאי הקורס

Introduction to JavaEE:
 The Need for JavaEE
 Overview on the JavaEE Architecture
 JavaEE Key Standards

Introduction to EJB 3.1:
 The EJB Model
 Key Services of the Application Server

Developing Session Beans:
 Stateless Session Beans
 Stateful Session Beans
 Singleton Session Beans
 Asynchronous Invocations
 Packaging
 Writing Clients

Using Dependency Injection:
 No More JNDI
 Injection of EJBContext

Messaging & Message Driven Beans:
 JMS Overview
 JMS Message Driven Beans
 Custom Messaging Types

Creating Interceptors:
 AOP Overview
 Interceptor Classes
 Lifecycle Interceptors

Using Transactions:
 Distributed Transactions
 Bean Managed Transactions
 Container Managed Transactions

EJB 3.1 Security:
 Role Based Security
 EJB 3.1 Authorization

JPA 2:
 Introduction to JPA
 Object Relational Mapping
 Mapping configurations
 Embedded Objects
 Composite Keys
 Inheritance
 Relationships
 Working with the persistence manager
 Working with Query objects