NoSQL with MongoDB for Java Developers

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NoSQL Databases are types & structures based rather than tabular and relational. Types may be graph-based (with hierarchical structure), document oriented, key-value structures, tabular and object oriented.
Values can be stored and cached according to business layer strategies. Values may also have collections of relationships, some implementations generates events. This feels and tastes like natural behavior for OO programmers straggling with O/R Mapping frameworks…     This is why 'NoSQL' buzz is back. This course introduces the concept of NoSQL DB and lets students explore it with MongoDB from Java.

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קהל יעד

• Experienced Java programmers


תנאי קדם

  • Basic understanding of relational DBs
  • Basic knowledge of O/R Mapping concepts and terms


Problems with O/R Mapping

Introduction to NoSQL

  • Types
  • Structure
  • General services
  • Events
  • Transactions

Introduction to NoSQL Categories

  • Key-value Store
  • Column Familiy
  • Document DBs
  • Graph DBs

Introduction to MongoDB

  • The MongoDB Architecture
  • Comparing to Relational DB.
  • The Mongo Shell
  • CRUD Operations
  • Query Syntax

MongoDB and Java

  • Using the Java Driver
  • Use-cases and Examples.


  • Introducing Replica-Sets.
  • Basic Configuration.
  • Deployment Scenarios.


  • Introducing MongoDB Sharding
  • Choosing the Shard Key
  • Mongos and Config Servers

Advanced Usage

  • Designing the 'Schema'
  • Advanced Query Syntax
  • Integration with other Storages.



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