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Java Script Full Stack Expertsפיתוח תוכנה

Java Script Full Stack Experts

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These days, web based services tend to be more atomic, focused and intensively released. These characteristics forces a new generation of Web Developers that are familiar with the different wide aspects of a web software development. These aspects include 3 basic tiers (Front-end, Backend & Integration), the preferred technologies and best practices for each tier, the related configuration & basic administration and the understanding of each tier role & responsibility. This wide knowledge is what gives a developer the ability to rapidly update / change / develop feature for intensive releases – Full Stack Developer.

Java Script became a very popular solution for Full Stack Web Developers. There are several reason for it:

  • Very effective server side framework and technologies lately appeared
  • High performance of implemented web modules and web services in Java Script
  • Availability of a server-side solution since it is based on a popular client-side language
  • Mature of Client-MVC oriented frameworks
  • Rich set of libraries for any kind of view and graphics
  • Usage of Java Script in Single Page Applications
  • JSON popularity as a self-descriptive text based protocol

On Completion, Delegates will be able to

  • Develop rich high strands, component based, full stack web applications. Will have deep knowledge of latest JS technologies both for client and server side.

Who Should Attend

  • Developers
    • Experienced developers who aim to learn the latest JS and web based technologies.

    Course Contents


    Basic Java Script

    15 Hours

    Advanced Java Script

    20 Hours

    Advanced CSS

    10 Hours

    REST Web Services

    5 Hours


    40 Hours
    • Basic Java Script
    • Advanced Java Script
    • Advanced CSS
    • REST Web Services
    • React.JS
    • Node.js & Express
    • Background in any other OOP language
    • Rich Experience in Web Based Technologies such as HTML, CSS
    • Experience with Java Script fundamentals - optional
    • Experience with JavaScript OOP
    • Understanding of HTTP and AJAX
    In order to be eligible for a course certificate participants have to meet the following requirements: ▪ Presence in 85% of the sessions at least
    • 130 academic hours
    • Lessons twice a week, between 17:30-21:45  
    • Studies will not take place on holidays. Recent vacations panel will be distributed to students
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