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Advanced C++ Development פיתוח תוכנה

Advanced C++ Development

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C++ is the standard language for implementing object-oriented designs, but although based on C, C++ introduces many subtle syntactic and design issues. For developers whose C++ experience goes back further, many of the changes as a result of standardization make standard C++ a very different programming environment.

This course will keep the audience abreast of these changes. It covers four main areas: new and advanced language features; using the standard library; implementing object-oriented concepts and patterns in C++; effective C++ programming techniques and idioms. It also suggests ways to maximize efficiency, code quality, and reusability.

Delegates will gain a greater understanding of the capabilities and potential pitfalls of the C++ language and will be more able to use C++ language features to write robust, quality software and you will also have a good grounding to make the best use of specific component technologies, such as COM and CORBA.

This a comprehensive five-day course with a combination of lectures and practical sessions for each chapter to reinforce the topics covered throughout the course. The practical use code skeletons, so that you can concentrate on specific C++ features.

The course contains an appendix on the latest language enhancements of C++ 11.

On Completion, Delegates will be able to

  • Describe advanced inheritance issues, such as private inheritance, multiple inheritance, and virtual base classes

  • Use advanced C++ language features and programming techniques, such as Run-Time Type Identification (RTTI), smart pointers and delegation

  • Use different memory management techniques and strategies to customize and optimize memory usage in a C++ program

  • Design, implement and use template functions and template classes

  • Take advantage of the standard C++ library

  • Design and use container classes and iterators

  • Use C++ exceptions to simplify error handling in large programs

Who Should Attend

  • Developers
    • Experienced C++ programmers wishing to substantially enhance their development skills

    • You must have solid and genuine experience of C++ including class definitions and member functions; constructors and destructors; references; virtual functions; new and delete operators.
    • Ideally, you will have attended one of our C++ programming courses and have been using C++ solidly for at least six months. You should also have an appreciation of object-oriented principles.
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