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Advanced JSystem

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JSystem is a widely used test automation framework. The framework can be used with a variety of technologies under test. JSystem comes with a lot of built in functionalities which will be covered during this course.


On Completion, Delegates will be able to

Understand advanced features of JSystem


Who Should Attend

Software testers who are responsible for test automation using JSystem


תכנית הלימודים

Full Syllabus
PDF להורדה


  • Course objectives and syllabus
  • Logistics
  • Automation Project Architecture

JSystem Design Overview

  • Execution modes
  • Architecture
  • Debugging JSystem

JSystem and Maven

  • Introduction to Maven
  • Create JSystem project using archetype catalog

JSystem Listeners

  • Observer design pattern
  • TestListener implementation

JSystem Reporters

  • Reporters mechanism
  • Default reporters
  • Implementing reporter
  • Practice
    • CSV reports

Publisher API

  • Overview of the publisher manager and publisher interface
  • XmlReportHandler
  • Implement SQL publisher


  • Concurrency types
  • Reports concurrency

JSystem Analyzers

  • Overview of existing analyzers
  • Implementation of new analyzers
  • Practice


  • Overview of fixtures mechanism
  • Fixtures tab
  • Implementing fixtures

Handling JSystem UI Events

  • Overview on HandleUIEvent
  • Handling parameters validators
  • Advanced UI features
  • Practice

Scenario API

  • Create scenario API related code
  • Practice

JSystem agents

  • Create new agent
  • Synchronize agents
  • Attach tests to agents
  • Agents reports

JSystem Parameters Providers

  • Parameter providers architecture
  • Change existing parameter provider
    • Add <null> string as to the provider
  • Implementing new parameter provider
    • UI aspects
    • Validations
    • Integration


  • Overview on CI and Jenkins
  • Jenkins agents
  • Execute JSystem using JSystem maven plugin
  • Read JUnit reports
  • Publish HTML reports

Selenium Advanced

  • Overview
  • Page object design pattern
  • Advanced WebDriver API
  • JavaScript
  • Practice

Final Exercise

  • Create a complex final project
  • Use Maven to create the solution
  • Create Jenkins periodic jobs for execution of the test automation
  • View enhanced reports
  • Java programming (mainly for test automation)
  • Familiarity with the JSystem framework (course, hands on experience)

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