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Advanced Power BI

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This Advanced Power BI workshop is a powerful way to take your Power BI reports to the next level. Best Practices for ETL, Date modeling, visualizations and Navigation. Also, we will learn some particle Patterns.


On Completion, Delegates will be able to

Crate Datasets from multiple sources and make effective using Dax Patterns.


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Full syllabus
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  • Working with Data Models in Power BI
    • Importing a variety of data sources into Power BI Desktop.
    • Working with Model layouts
    • Creating Many-to-One relationships.
    • Understanding the Data Model.
    • Understanding the importance of Star Schemas.
    • Exploring Outer Joins, inactive relationships and bi-directional filtering
  • Advanced Queries
    • Using the Merge and Append Queries options.
    • Using the Connection to Folder to append.
    • Using Unpivot, Transpose and Pivot transformations
    • Creating Query Parameters
    • Managing and editing Parameters
    • Using a List as input for Parameters
    • Understanding Disable Load
  • DAX Measures
    • Understanding Implicit Measures.
    • Controlling summarisation in Implicit Measures.
    • Looking at explicit Measures.
    • Understanding Filter Context and Filter propagation
    • Working with a variety of DAX functions: DISTINCTCOUNT, COUNTROWS, SUMX and CALCULATE.
    • Create parameters (What if)
    • Time intelligence (MoM, YoY, YTD, LY YTD, Moving Average)  
    • SWITCH, Switch( true())
  • Advanced Analytics 
    • Pareto Categories
    • Segmentation – Customer Size
    • Top 9 + Other  (RANKX)
    • Moving Averages
    • Non Equal Date Periods
    • Time KPI’s
  • Power BI App Workspaces
    • Generating App Workspaces
    • Linking Workspaces with OneDrive
    • Sharing and Managing Workspaces
    • Creating Apps from Workspaces
    • Sharing and Managing Apps
  • Row Level Security (RLS)
    • What RLS does
    • Creating basic Row Level Security
    • Dynamic RLS
    • Limitations of RLS
    • S
  • Data Refresh
    • Manually refreshing data.
    • When and Why to use a Gateway.
    • Creating, Scheduling and Managing Automatic Refreshing.
    • Refreshing restrictions.
  • Experience of building Power BI Reports

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