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API Automation Testing

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APIs have become the center of software development, connecting and transferring data and logic across disparate systems and applications. API testing can greatly improve the efficiency of your testing strategy as a whole, helping you deliver software faster than ever.

In this course, you will learn how to implement a REST API project and test it via Swagger, also you will learn how to fully automate a testing API project via postman, Jmeter and python code using pytest as an execution platform


On Completion, Delegates will be able to

Understand and utilize API sniffing tools

Create more robust and efficient automated tests

Extend their ability to handle tests pre and post conditions using API


Who Should Attend

Manual Testers

Testing automation developers



תכנית הלימודים

Full syllabus
PDF להורדה

API testing in general

  • Testing world in general
  • Lets talk about API
  • API java project first implementation
  • Open first API project with swager
  • Test your API with Jmeter

Implement API (java) project

  • Install java environment
  • Install swager
  • Execute API project and test it with swager

Automate testing for API with jMeter

  • Jmeter installation
  • Jmeter architecture
  • GET, Create, update, Delete
  • Verification point via jMeter script
  • Execute Load & automated scenario for API

API Testing CodeLess Automation

  • JS overview
  • postman installation
  • create your first collection
  • Define variables
  • Different param filters
  • Authorization via postman
  • Verify your test result via test module
  • Debug your testing code
  • Collection
    • Order the test set
    • Set execution configuration
  • Monitor module – schedule set collection and set the execution result
  • Newman
    • Execute collection via cmd
    • Html report via Newman execution
    • Execute your postman collection via jenkins

Python in general & installation

  • Python history and advantages
  • Python installation
  • Pycharm installation
  • Pip setup
  • Install required libraries

Basic python

  • Variable and content
  • Flow control
  • Files control

Execute python test via Pytest

  • Pytest installation
  • TAG test cases
  • Assertion
  • Pytest fixture

API test with python

  • GET, post, update, Delete
  • E2E scenario via pytest
  • Data Driven via python code
  • HTML report
  • Alure report


  • SW Testing
  • Programming experience with any OOP programming language – advantage
  • Basic background in automation development – advantage

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