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Check Point Certified Security Administrator R81.20 (CCSA)

מספר הקורס 9791

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This course's goal is to Learn basic concepts and develop skills necessary to administer IT security fundamental tasks fundamental tasks.


מטרות הקורס


Who Should Attend

Technical professionals who support, install, deploy or administer Check Point products.


תכנית הלימודים

full syllabus
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  • Security Management
  • Smart Console
  • Deployment
  • Object Management
  • Licenses and Contracts
  • Policy Rule and Rule base
  • Policy Packages
  • Policy Layers
  • Traffic Inspection
  • Network Address Translation
  • Application Control
  • URL Filtering
  • Logging
  • Snapshots
  • Backup and Restore
  • Gaia
  • Permissions
  • Policy Installation

Working knowledge of Windows, UNIX, networking technology, the Internet and TCP/IP.

  • A description of the main components of Check Point's three-tier architecture and an explanation of how they work together in a Check Point environment
  • Explain how communication is secured and how traffic is routed in a checkpoint environment
  • Description of the basic functions of the Gaia operating system
  • Identify the basic workflow for installing a Security Management Server and Security Gateway for a single-domain solution
  • Creating Smart Console objects that match the organization's topology to use policies and rules
  • Identifying the tools available for managing Check Point's licenses and contracts, including their purpose and use
  • Identify features and capabilities that improve the configuration and management of security policies
  • Explain how policy layers affect traffic inspection
  • Articulate how network address translation affects traffic
  • Description of how to configure the manual and automatic translation of network addresses (NAT)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of application control capabilities and URL filtering and autonomous threat prevention and how to configure these solutions to meet the organization's security requirements
  • Explain how pre-shared keys and certificates can be configured for authentication with third-party and externally managed VPN gateways.
  • Explain how to analyze and interpret VPN tunnel traffic
  • Setting registration parameters
  • Use predefined and custom queries to filter log results.
  • Identify how to monitor the health of Check Point's supported hardware using the Gaia Portal and the command line
  • Description of the various methods for backing up Check Point system information and discussion of best practices and recommendations for each method
  • Deploying Smart Console
  • Installing a Security Management Server
  • Installing a Security Gateway
  • Configuring Objects in Smart Console
  • Establishing Secure Internal Communication
  • Managing Administrator Access
  • Managing Licenses
  • Creating a Security Policy
  • Configuring Order Layers
  • Configuring a Shared Inline Layer
  • Configuring NAT
  • Integrating Security with a Unified Policy
  • Elevating Security with Autonomous Threat Prevention
  • Configuring a Locally Managed Site-to-Site VPN
  • Elevating Traffic View
  • Monitoring System States
  • Maintaining the Security Environment



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