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HR306: Configuration of Time Recording

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HR306: Configuration of Time Recording


On Completion, Delegates will be able to

Gain an overview of time management with and without time evaluation (negative and positive time management).

Understand the fundamentals of time management without time evaluation (negative time management).

Formulate the basis for time evaluation (positive time management).

Examine customizing for time data recording, including quota accrual


Who Should Attend

Application Consultant

Data Consultant / Manager

Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User


תכנית הלימודים

Full syllabus
PDF להורדה
  • Time Recording
    • Identifying the Foundations of Time Management
    • Identifying the Roles in Time Management
    • Evaluating Time Recording Options
  • Enterprise Structure and Groupings
    • Outlining Structures in HCM
  • Work Schedule
    • Identifying Public Holiday Calendars
    • Defining Work Schedule Levels and Groupings
    • Creating Break Schedules
    • Creating Daily Work Schedules
    • Setting Up Period Work Schedules
    • Identifying Day Types and Selection Rules
    • Creating Work Schedule Rules
    • Generating Work Schedules
  • Part-Time Workforce
    • Setting Up Part-Time Work Schedules
  • Time Data Recording and Administration
    • Setting Up Attendance and Absence Types
    • Outlining the Set Up of Additional Time Infotypes
    • Determining System Reactions to Colliding Time Infotypes
  • Attendance and Absence Counting
    • Defining Counting Rules for Attendances and Absences
    • Assigning Counting Rules to Absence Types
    • Utilizing Daily Work Schedule Variants to Count Absences
  • Attendance and Absence Quotas
    • Setting Up Attendance and Absence Quotas
    • Assigning Quota Deduction Rules
    • Determining Default Values to Grant Absence Entitlements
    • Setting Up Quota Type Selection Rule Groups
    • Defining Base Entitlements
    • Setting Up Validity and Deduction Intervals
    • Setting Up Reduction Rules
    • Creating Rounding Rules
    • Setting Up Generation Rules
    • Generating Absence Entitlements
    • Outlining Quota Entitlements
  • Time Manager’s Workplace Functionality
    • Identifying the Functionality of Time Manager's Workplace (TMW)
    • Creating Time Data IDs
    • Setting Up TMW Administrator Profiles
    • Creating Employee Selections in TMW
  • Cross-Aplication Time Sheets (CATS)
    • Outlining the Process Flow of CATS
    • Outlining the CATS Mini Master Data Record
    • Setting Up CATS Data Entry Profiles
    • Recording Time Data in the Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)
    • Identifying Elements of CATS
  • Case Study: Configure Time Data Recording
    • Configuring Time Data


  • Course 8043- HR050 Business Processes in Human Capital Management


  • Course 8158- HR305 Master Data Configuration

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