ElasticStack-advanced for Operations

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This 8-hour specialized course aims to offer an advanced understanding of ElasticStack with a particular focus on operational requirements. The course is specifically designed for individuals who have a foundational knowledge of ElasticStack and wish to advance their expertise in Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Beats, along with essential elements of Grafana for data visualization and monitoring.

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Who Should Attend


IT Personal

Support teams

Operation Managers

Developers and software architects

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Full Syllabus
PDF להורדה

Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Beats


▪ Brief Overview of Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Beats

▪ Key Concepts and Terminology

▪ Importance in DevOps and Microservices


▪ Introduction to Logstash

▪ Logstash Configuration

▪ Installation and Configuration

▪ Pipelines and Data Processing from and to multiple endpoints

▪ Grok language and patterns


▪ Introduction to Beats

▪ Filebeat Installation and Configuration

▪ Other Beats: Metricbeat, Packetbeat, etc

▪ Use Cases


▪ Real-Time Log Analysis

▪ Metrics Monitoring

▪ Security and Anomaly Detection

▪ Elastic Stack for Logging

▪ Metric Monitoring with Metricbeat

▪ Final Integrated Exercise: End-to-End Data Processing

▪ Common Issues and Solutions

Grafana for Data Visualization and Monitoring

What is Grafana and why do we need it?

▪ Using ElasticSearch as a backend in Grafana

▪ Building Business KPI Dashboards and Alerting

Elasticsearch Maintenance and Troubleshooting

▪ Purpose of Maintenance

▪ Role in Operational Excellence

 Cluster Health Monitoring

▪ Health Metrics

▪ Cluster Status

 Node Management

▪ Adding and Removing Nodes

▪ Shard Allocation

 Index Management

▪ Index Lifecycle Management

▪ Rollovers, Aliases, and Snapshots

 Performance Tuning

▪ Query Optimization

▪ Resource Allocation

Troubleshooting Common Issues

▪ Cluster Failures

▪ Data Inconsistencies

▪ Query Performance Issues

Logs and Alerts

▪ Elasticsearch Logs

▪ Alerting Mechanisms

Backup and Recovery

Snapshot and Restore

▪ Disaster Recovery Strategies

Best Practices

Security Measures

▪ Routine Checks

Summary and Further Resources

▪ Recap of Key Points

▪ Additional Learning and Tools


Required to complete participation in the course: ElasticStack- Catalog Number: 35680


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