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#Extreme .NET 4/4.5 with Cפיתוח תוכנה

#Extreme .NET 4/4.5 with C

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This course provides in-depth coverage of advanced C# and CLR mechanisms, allowing experienced C# developers lever the full power of the C# language and the CLR.

On Completion, Delegates will be able to

  • Understand reflection and its uses

  • Use the CodeDOM to generate dynamic assemblies

  • Understand and use generic types effectively

  • Manage memory and non-memory resources effectively

  • Understand and use delegates and events

  • Understand serialization mechanisms

  • Understand what are AppDomains and how to use them

  • Understand the connection between AppDomains, processes and threads

  • Build effective multithreading applications

  • Use the new Task Parallel Library effectively

  • Use thread synchronization primitives effectively

  • Create and Use iterators effectively

  • Use C# 3.0 & C# 4.0 features effectively

  • Understand the LINQ family of technologies and how to use it

Who Should Attend

  • .Net
  • Developers
  • Web
    • The course is intended for experienced C# developers who want to upgrade their skills and deepen their understanding of the C# language and the .NET platform.

    Basic C# knowledge is a must. At least 6 months of .NET development is required.


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