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This course provides in-depth coverage of advanced C# and dotnet mechanisms, allowing experienced C# developers lever the full power of the C# language.


On Completion, Delegates will be able to

Understand DI & reflection and its uses

Understand and use generic types effectively

Manage memory and non-memory resources effectively

Understand and use delegates and events

Build effective multithreading applications

Use the new Task Parallel Library effectively

Create and Use iterators effectively

Use C# 11 features effectively


Who Should Attend

The course is intended for experienced C# developers who want to upgrade their skills and deepen their understanding of the C# language and the .NET platform.


תכנית הלימודים

Full Syllabus
PDF להורדה

Dependency Injection in .NET

  • Understanding the basics of dependency injection and its benefits
  • Overview of DI in .NET Core and its built-in DI engine
  • Setting up and configuring DI in a .NET Core application
  • Configuring services and options in the DI container
  • Managing object lifetimes, including singleton, scoped, and transient services


  • Understanding reflection and how it can be used to examine and modify code at runtime
  • Using attributes to annotate and extend code
  • Reflection-based techniques for building extensible applications and frameworks


  • The need for generics
  • Writing and using generic types
  • Generic methods, interfaces and delegates
  • Applying constraints
  • Generic collections
  • Other aspects of generic programming
  • Co-variance
  • Nullable types

Advanced Delegates and Events

  • Working with delegates
  • Creating your own delegate types
  • Events vs delegates
  • Anonymous delegates
  • Lambda Expressions and Anonymous Methods
  • Func and Action Delegates
  • EventArgs


  • Create and use Enumerable
  • For each loop
  • Iterators & yield return
  • Immutable Collections

Advanced Language Constructs

  • Partial types and partial methods
  • Extension methods
  • LINQ & LINQ Operators


  • Introduction to Tasks
  • Creating tasks
  • Cancelling tasks
  • Tasks & Exceptions
  • Task schedulers
  • TaskCompletionSource
  • The Parallel class
  • Parallel LINQ
  • Understanding how to use await with Tasks and Task<T>

C# 9-11 features

  • Immutable data
    • Init-only Properties
    • Creating and using record types
  • Nullable reference types
  • Top-level Statements
  • Interpolated string
  • Global Usings
  • File-scoped namespaces

Reactive Extensions (Rx) and Event Streams (if time permits)

  • Introduction to Reactive Extensions (Rx)
  • Using Rx to work with event streams
  • Best practices for using Rx in .NET Core

Basic C# knowledge is a must. At least 6 months of .NET development is required.

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