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FullStack Development with React & Node.js Workshop

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The lecture provides overview of state-of-the-art JavaScript multi-tier application architectures and development frameworks. React.js is chosen as front-end development framework for rapid development of modern, responsive single-page applications that are easy to extend and maintain in long run. The back-end technologies include Node.js and Express framework, our database will be MySQL Using Node-MySQL.

This course designed for developers who want to enter the Web Development World, latest features and technologies to create interactive client interfaces communicating restful services built on Node.js Express framework.


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Full syllabus
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  • Concepts & features
  • Create react app, setting with TS
  • React as High-performance library
  • DOM virtualization
  • Diffing Algorithm, fiber engine.
  • React Elements to JSX
  • Components, state and props
  • Class Components VS Function Components
  • Lifecycle functions
  • HOC & render props
  • Context api
  • Hooks, what they solved?
  • Hooks – useState, useEffect, useRef – if time permits
  • React redux – if time permits
  • useContext as alternative to redux – if time permits
  • Using Thunk middleware – if time permits


  • Setting up node.js application
  • Building modules
  • Using express to create our web server
  • Composing our application from modules
  • Nodejs express router
  • Recommended packages
  • Middleware’s: cors, body-parser, bluebird, etc.
  • Using JOI validations
  • Secure our nodejs app
  • Dockerizing our node.js application – if time permits
  • JavaScript advanced – async programing, latest features
  • Node.js basic knowledge
  • React.js basic knowledge
  • TypeScript

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