Java Latest Releases – Most Important Updates Made in Java 8-14 Releases

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Latest long-term Java release based on new features offered as part of Java 8 – 12. This updates are meaningful since Java 11 will have 8 years support as planned, and Java 12, short-term release, published during the 1st quarter of 2019. In addition, this version provides a built-in mature API for Reactive programming along with more flexible environment and provides the basis for Spring WebFlux.

The course straights the line regarding Java 8 Functional programming & streams API, details regarding Reactive programming offered in Java 9 Flow API.

This course also explores the new features included in 9,10,11,12,13&14. The course introduces Reactive Programming and other latest APIs. The course also details about environmental updates, new utilities & deprecated ones


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Who Should Attend

Experienced Java developers that wants to learn about latest Java evolution in Syntax, API and environment offered in latest Java releases


תכנית הלימודים

full syllabus
PDF להורדה

Java 8

Functional Programming

  • Functional Interfaces
  • Method refs
  • Optionals
  • Default methods in interfaces


  • Pipeline manipulation
  • Terminal operations
  • Collectors
  • Parallel-streams

Java 9

API & code

  • Reactive programming with flow
  • Collection Factories
  • Stream API new features
  • Private interface methods
  • HTTP/2 API
  • Stack walking


  • Modular Java & Jlink
  • Jshell
  • Multi version jars
  • G1 made default

Java 10

API & code

Java 11


  • var supported in LAMBDA
  • java.lang.String new methods
  • Predicate.not()
  • incubator becomes
  • Reference clone() update


  • Removed tools
  • Excluded APIs
  • Application CDS -Module support
  • Single-file launch
  • Compiling threads lazy allocation
  • G1 update
  • ZGC – Experimental

Java 12


  • Switch assignments
  • java.lang.String new methods
  • Collectors.teeing()


  • G1 abortion policy

Java 13


  • Triple quotes block
  • String New methods
  • Switch expression enhancement
  • Socket & ServerSocket Impl update


  • App CDS simplified
  • ZGC enhancement

Java 14

Syntax & APIs

  • Switch Expressions made permanent
  • Text Blocks – triple quotes – seperators
  • 'instanceof' pattern matching
  • 'record' data classes


  • NullPointerException – enhanced reporting
  • Experience in Java programming
  • Familiarity with Java 7 APIs
  • Familiarity with Java Internals

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