IP Multimedia Subsystem – IMS

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IMS is the cornerstone of the future IP based cellular networks. It was designed to support the most advanced data services from day one. IMS offers built-in mechanisms for IP-based charging (postpaid and prepaid) as well as quality of service and high level of security.

The IMS framework supports:  Network level, personal and group communications;  Rich multimedia and IP based applications; End-to-end QoS through control plane and media plane

By combining existing voice, video, data and messaging services over a single IP network, IMS will bring the full potential of Internet technology to mobile users while allowing the creation of a new business cycle for wireless operators.


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PDF להורדה

Brief Introduction to IMS

  • Why IMS was developed
  • Standard Bodies
  • IMS in a FMC concept
  • Services Examples

IMS Architecture

  • IMS Architecture for MM Sessions
  • Network Entities functionality
    • CSCF
    • HSS
    • MRFC
    • Application Server
  • IMS Interfaces

IMS Interfaces and Protocols

  • SIP
  • SDP
  • Offer-Answer Model with SDP
  • RTP
  • GPRS

IMS Concepts

  • Registration
  • Session Initiation
  • Identification
  • Security
  • Bearer traffic Control
  • Charging
  • User Profile
  • Service Provisioning

PSTN/PLMN and IMS users connectivity

  • IMS and  PSTN connectivity architecture
  • IMS and SS7 Call Control Messages Mapping
  • IMS originated session with user in the CS Network
  • CS originated session toward a IMS user

WLAN and IMS users connectivity

  • IMS and WLAN connectivity architecture
  • Interworking scenarios

IMS Session examples

IMS Services

  • Presence
  • Conferencing
  • Messaging


  • Major vendors offering IMS solutions
  • Future implementations
תנאי קבלה
  • ידע בסיסי ב- TCP/IP וב-SIP
  • ידע בסיסי ברשתות  סלולאריות

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