Kotlin Programming for Java Developers

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Kotlin is a language which runs on JVM (supports Java Script and native as well) and built on top Java APIs. The goal is to provide more concise syntax and allow to create lots of functions, types and logic without little coding unlike in Java.

Kotlin becomes more and more popular as Java and other 4 generation languages seek for more scripting-like syntax to make code shorter and yet remain clear & maintainable.

Spring Boot provide templates, which supports Kotlin as well as Java.

This course helps in quick and effective migration to Kotlin for Java Developers, focusing on differences and assumption gaps between the two platforms. The course allows experiencing Kotlin with hands-on labs and create Kotlin, Java & SpringBoot projects.

On Completion, Delegates will be able to

Who Should Attend

Java Developers

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  • Introduction
  • Basic standard library
  • Datatypes
  • Object Oriented
  • Functions
  • Extension Functions
  • Exceptions
  • Flow control
  • Collections
  • Sequences
  • Generics
  • IO
  • Java Interoperability
  • Combining with SpringBoot
  • Experience in Java programming
  • Experience in SpringBoot
  • Familiarity with SpringData & SpringMVC

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