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(Managing Modern Desktops (MD-101תשתיות ותקשורת

Managing Modern Desktops (MD-101)

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This course covers the following topics on Modern Desktop:


Deploying the Modern Desktop (MD-101T01);

Managing Modern Desktops and Devices (MD-101T02);

Protecting Modern Desktops and Devices (MD-101T03);


On Completion, Delegates will be able to

  • Develop an Operating System deployment and upgrade strategy

  • Understand the different methods of deployment.

  • Understand which scenarios on-premise and cloud-based solutions can be used for.

  • Deploy and migrate desktops to Windows 10.

  • Plan and configure Windows Update policies.

  • Understand the benefits and methods of co-management strategies.

  • Configuring Intune

  • Enroll devices in Intune and configure device policies

  • Manage user profiles and folder redirection

  • Plan a mobile application management strategy

  • Manage and deploy apps, including Office 365 ProPlus and Internet

  • Explorer settings

  • Describe the benefits and capabilities of Azure AD.

  • Manage users using Azure AD with Active Directory DS.

  • Implement Windows Hello for Business.

  • Configure conditional access rules based on compliance policies.

  • Describe the various tools used to secure devices and data.

  • Implement Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

Who Should Attend

    The Modern Desktop Administrator deploys, configures, secures, manages, and monitors devices and client applications in an enterprise environment. Responsibilities include managing identity, access, policies, updates, and apps. The MDA collaborates with the M365 Enterprise Administrator to design and implement a device strategy that meets the business needs of a modern organization.

    Course Contents

    This course covers the following topics on Modern Desktop:


    • Deploying the Modern Desktop (MD-101T01):

    As desktops has evolved, so have methods for deploying and updating them. In this course, you'll learn how to plan and implement an operating system deployment strategy.  This course will help you understand the various methods available, the scenarios they're suited for, as well as how to deploy Windows using modern methods. This course will also cover planning and implementing an update strategy for Windows.

    • Managing Modern Desktops and Devices (MD-101T02):

    As demand for organizations to enable workforces to be more mobile, a desktop administrator’s role is really is no longer about just “desktop” management. With BYOD becoming commonplace and the need for employees to access line of business apps on personal devices, the scope of desktop administration must include both desktop and mobile devices, regardless of ownership. During this course, you’ll be introduced to key components of modern management and co-management strategies.  You’ll examine what it takes to incorporate Microsoft Intune into your organization and how to use it to manage modern desktops and devices. You’ll also learn about methods for deployment and management of apps and browser-based applications.

    • Protecting Modern Desktops and Devices (MD-101T03):

    Every day, more organizations are asking IT to support mobility in the workforce. Modern environments require the Desktop Administrator be able to manage and support phones, tablets, and computers, whether it be owned by the organization or personally owned by the employee. At the same time, IT must still be able to protect the data that these devices access.  In this course, the student will be introduced to the key concepts of security in modern management. This course covers authentication, identities, and access, as well as about how to protect these categories. The student will be introduced to Azure Active Directory and learn how to use Microsoft Intune to protect devices and data with compliance policies. Finally, this course will cover key capabilities of Azure Information Protection and Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection and how to implement these capabilities.


    Relevant Microsoft certification exam: MD-101.

      The Modern Desktop Administrator must be familiar with M365 workloads and must have strong skills and experience of deploying, configuring, and maintaining Windows 10 and non-Windows devices. The MDA role focuses on cloud services rather than on-premises management technologies.

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