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This Course will teach you how to build real native apps using React Native.

Understand how Redux can manage our global state.

Familiarity with react design, mobile development principals and building reusable components.

Deploy your application on Apple Store / Google Play.


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Full syllabus
PDF להורדה

Type Script
• Interfaces
• Types
• Type declaration
• Classes & modifiers
• Generics Modules
• Tools
• Emulator VS Real Device
• Installations Windows \ Mac
• Metro bundler
• React-Native
• expo-cli
DOM Virtualization
• Engine changes
• Fibers
• Diffing Algorithm
Components & Layouts
• Functional Components
• Pure components
• High order components
• Render Props
• React-Native Lib:
o Text
o Style Sheets
o View
o Stack Navigator
o App Container
o FlatList
o Key property
o Button & Actions
o TouchableOpacity
o Building a Form
o Building a List View
State Management with Hooks
• Use State
• Use Effect
o simulate lifecycle with use Effect
• Use Memo
• Use Callback
Screen Layout
• Box Object model
• Flex box
• Position
• Components layout
• Scene
• Store
• Action
• Reducer
• Middleware
• Auto imports reducers
• Initial state
• Redux Hooks
o Use store with React
o Using reducers and actions to manage component state
o Use Selector & use Dispatch
Advanced Navigation
• Navigation extended configuration
• Navigation with parametres
• Navigating from child component
• With Navigation Helper
• Communicate between navigations
Services & async functions
• Async functions
• Http services
• Dispatch actions
• Axios middleware
• Writing example with openAI and react native.


Experience in client-side technologies based on HTML & CSS
Experience in JavaScript programming
Background in REST and Web-Services
React basic
TypeScript basic

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