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The Salesforce Administrator course is structured to provide you with the essential technical skills needed to excel in Salesforce CRM administration. Through hands-on training, you'll gain proficiency in configuring, customizing, and optimizing Salesforce CRM, mastering features like user management, data security, automation, and reporting. It will empower you to manage Salesforce implementations efficiently, ensuring your organization maximizes its CRM potential. In addition, it will enable you to become a certified Salesforce Administrator.



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Who Should Attend

• Anyone interested in entering the Salesforce CRM ecosystem

• users interested in expanding their knowledge and ability to work with the system.


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Course Contents
Module 1: Introduction
• Information Management – Relational Databases, Tables, Fields, Data Models, Relations Types
• Cloud Computing – What is it, Advantages and Disadvantages
• What is
• Evolution and Products
• Introducing Trailhead
• How to sign up for Developer Edition
Module 2: User Interface – Part A
• Introducing the Interface: App, Tabs, and Objects
• Introducing the Home Page and List Views
• Introducing the Page Layout, Record Types and Fields
• Standard vs. Custom Objects
Module 3: User Interface – Part B
• Record Page – review of the different components
• Activities – Tasks, Events, Log a Call, Email (including Email Templates)
• Related lists and Chatter
Module 4: Custom Objects
• Standard vs Custom fields
• Object Record Types
• Field types: Text, Picklist, Multi-Picklist, Formula
• Field types: Lookup, Master-Detail, Rollups
• Validation Rules
• Page Layouts, Lightning Record Page
Module 5: Managing Data
• Understanding the basic data model – Lead\Account\Contact\Opportunity
• Data Loader vs. Import wizards
• Import new records using import wizards
• Update existing records with the data loader
• Web to Lead \ Web to Case \ Email to Case
• Data Export, including backups
Module 6: Reports and Dashboards
• Run and modify reports
• Create new reports with the report builder
• Summarize Report Data
• Bucket Fields in Reports
• Print, Export, Scheduling and Email Reports
• Build Dashboards
• Adding Dashboards in Home Page
Module 7: Empower your User
• Email Templates
• Global Actions
• Custom Actions and Buttons
• Salesforce AppExchange
Module 8: User Management, Security and Data Access
• Create and manage users
• Role hierarchy, Profiles and Permission Sets
• Organization Wide Settings
• Queues and Public Groups
• Troubleshooting Login Issues
Module 9: Automation
• Workflows and Process Builder
• Salesforce Flow – The No Code tool
• Sandboxes and Change Sets


• Basic command of English
• Basic understanding of relational database concepts
• Preference – industrial engineering and management graduates, or computer
studies graduates

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