HA300: SAP HANA 2.0 SPS06 Modeling

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This course teaches the core capabilities of SAP HANA for calculation view modeling, and covers mainly graphical modeling, as well as SQL- based modeling (table functions and procedures) with a focus on performance. It also introduces core data services as a flexible method to model a persistence layer.

The participants will gain knowledge about the management of modeling content in the SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA, and the key principles of object and data access security in a modeling context.


On Completion, Delegates will be able to

Develop information models following SAP best practices for maximum performance and flexibility

Get started with SQL and SQL-Script based modeling

Manage projects and modeling content in the SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA

Implement security and data access controls around SAP HANA data models


Who Should Attend

Application Consultant

Data Consultant / Manager

Database Administrator

Application Developer

BI specialist


תכנית הלימודים

Full syllabus
PDF להורדה

Calculation Views

  • Introducing Calculation Views
  • Understanding the Different Types of Views
  • Working with Common View Design Features

Using Nodes in Calculation Views

  • Using Projection Nodes
  • Using Join Nodes
  • Working with Data Sets
  • Aggregating Data
  • Creating CUBE with Star Join Calculation Views
  • Extracting Top Values with Rank Nodes

Modeling Functions

  • Create Restricted and Calculated Columns
  • Filtering Data
  • Using Variables and Input Parameters
  • Implementing Hierarchies
  • Implement Currency Conversion
  • Defining Time-Based Dimension Calculation Views

Using SQL in Models

  • Introducing SAP HANA SQL
  • Query a Modeled Hierarchy Using SQLScript
  • Working with SQLScript
  • Creating and Using Functions
  • Creating and Using Procedures

Persistence Layer

  • Defining the Persistence Layer
  • Loading Data into Tables
  • Accessing Remote Data

Optimization of Models

  • Implementing Good Modeling Practices
  • Implementing Static Cache
  • Controlling Parallelization
  • Implementing Union Pruning
  • Using Tools to Check Model Performance
  • Developing a Data Management Architecture

Management and administration of Models

  • Working with Modeling Content in a Project
  • Creating and Managing Projects
  • Enabling Access to External Data
  • Working with GIT Within the SAP Web IDE
  • Migrating Modeling Content

Security in SAP HANA Modeling

  • Understanding Roles and Privileges
  • Defining Analytic Privileges
  • Defining Roles
  • Masking Sensitive Data
  • Anonymizing Data


  • HA100 SAP HANA – 360° Introduction


  • HA150 SAP HANA 2.0 SPS06 – SQLScript for SAP HANA

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