Spring Framework, Spring Cloud & Open AI Integration

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Spring Framework is the next generation of the popular open-source framework for Enterprise Java developers. Spring facilitates a dynamic framework for high productivity, modular and maintainable applications, and system development.

This course details about Spring architecture, and focuses on core Spring programming using Bean factory, IoC, lifecycle events, AOP, combining Lombok and externalized configuration. Then, the course relates to SpringBoot & and Spring Initializer. The course continues with the most popular APIs for Spring backends – SpringData, for working with Hibernate/JPA on RDBMS, SpringData support for NoSQL, and Spring Messaging APIs for Kafka & and RabbitMQ. The 'web development part of the course relates to Spring MVC (REST, error handling, Swagger & building clients) and constructing a working Microservice ecosystem based on Spring Cloud (Config, Consul, Gateway, Load-balancing, Circuit-breaking)


On Completion, Delegates will be able to


Who Should Attend

Java developers that want to use Spring Framework

Java web developers that want build web modules with SpringMVC

Developers that want to implement O/R Mapping with Spring Data & JPA(Hibernate)

Java web developers that want to use SpringBoot for Microservices

Java developers that want to abstract cloud configurations with SpringCloud


תכנית הלימודים

Full Syllabus
PDF להורדה

Introduction to the Spring Framework

  • Goal of the Spring Framework
  • Loose abstract coupling
  • Relevant design patterns


The Inversion of Control (IoC) container

  • IoC and Dependency Injection
  • Create bean definitions
  • Constructor injection
  • Setter injection
  • Factory-method injection
  • ApplicationContext

Lifecycle of a bean

  • Lifecycle phases of a bean
  • Lifecycle callback methods
  • Post-processors


Spring Annotations

  • Dependency injections
  • Auto-wiring
  • Lifecycle events
  • Configuration


Introduction to Spring AOP

  • Basics of Aspect-Oriented Programming
  • Pointcuts and advice
  • Spring AOP / AspectJ



  • Introduction
  • & extensions
  • Installation
  • Configuring POM
  • Setting class dependencies
  • Coding & @EnableAutoConfiguration


Spring Data – SQL & NoSQL

  • Spring Data as Umbrella Project
  • Spring RDBMS using JPA/Hibernate
    • Introduction to JPA / Hibernate
    • O/R Mapping – the need
    • Entity beans
    • Entity manager
    • EntityManagerFactory
    • Spring JPA Repositories
  • Spring NoSQL with MongoDB
    • Spring MongoRepository
  • Custom querying with Repositories




Introduction to Spring MVC

  • Introduction to Java Web Model
  • Core concepts of Spring MVC
  • MVC annotations
  • MVC additional scopes
  • Create Spring MVC controllers
  • Define Spring MVC web services
  • RESTful Web Service development
  • RestTemplate/HttpClient for REST clients



  • Microservices
    • Introduction
    • Benefits and drawbacks
    • Challenges
    • Best practices
    • Main Patterns
  • Understanding Cloud Context
  • Configuration server – with GIT
  • Service discovery – Consul
  • Spring API gateway
  • Circuit breaker (load-balancing) – Resiliense4j
  • Load-balancing – Spring Cloud Load Balancer


    Open AI Integration – Optional

  • Intro to Prompt Engineering
    • Basic Prompting
    • Advanced Prompting
    • UI Prompting
  • Open AI API Overview
    • Open AI Playground
    • Open AI parameters
    • Http Client for the rescue
  • Chat GPT App Demo
  • Hands-on lab

  • Experience in JavaSE
  • Basic experience in Java sever-side development
  • Familiarity with java server side technologies (Servlets/JAX-RS/EJB)

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