Streams, Functional & Reactive Programming with Java & Spring WebFlux Workshop

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Latest Java releases supports 2 modern programming methodologies: Functional programming and reactive programming.

Functional programming allows Java programmers execute methods without being bounded to class and by that getting rid of class loading and object instantiating for a single method invocation.

Reactive programming provides easy to use platform for forking request handling and programming asynchronously to reduce back-pressure.

The first part of this workshop will allow you to experience basic and advanced functional programming with Java 8 LAMBDA expressions and method references. The second part is all about reactive programming. We will get to know Java 9 Flow API and Spring 5 WebFlux and then we’ll build reactive REST web services using HTTP2 data streaming capabilities.


On Completion, Delegates will be able to

Describe the reactive Programming model and its benefits

Understand the Reactor DP in relation to MVC

Create and work with reactive streams and reactive applications

Create reactive REST controllers

Work with NoSQL with a reactive manner


Who Should Attend

Java developers that want to use Stream API

Java developers that want to use Functional programming

Java developers that want to use Reactive programming

Java developers that want to construct reactive REST web-services


תכנית הלימודים

Full syllabus
PDF להורדה
  • Java 8 Functional programming
    • Understanding Java dynamic invoker
    • Lambdas and Functional Interfaces
    • Functional programming with the new Functional Interfaces
    • Method References
    • Interface Default and Static Methods
    • Optional
    • Streams
    • Parallel Streams
  • Java 9 Reactive programming
    • Java 9 Flow
      • What is reactive programming?
      • The need
      • Publisher
      • Subscriber
      • Processors
      • Dedicated executors
  • Spring 5
    • Introduction to Web Flux
    • Mono
    • Flux
    • Creating reactive REST Web-Services
  • Experience in Java programming

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