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The Visual Basic 2010 Programming Languageקורסים מקצועיים למתקדמים | פיתוח תוכנה

The Visual Basic 2010 Programming Language

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Microsoft's .NET Framework presents developers with unprecedented opportunities. From web applications to desktop and mobile platform applications - all can be built with equal ease, using substantially the same skill-set.  But to make the most of this potential, developers must have a thorough grasp of core language skills and OO programming concepts.

This four-day workshop concentrates on the Visual Basic programming language itself, to prepare delegates fully in readiness for exploring the .NET Framework.  From basic procedural syntax to sophisticated object-oriented programming techniques, delegates will learn how to write .NET applications with code that is robust and maintainable.

The course is presented as a mixture of lectures and hands-on exercises. Practical sessions follow all main topics, designed to reinforce the points covered. Additional information is provided in appendices to extend the learning experience after the course has been completed.

On Completion, Delegates will be able to

  • Write efficient procedural code that includes sequence, selection and iteration constructs

  • Create and use classes and structures (types), including fields, properties and methods

  • Use Private, Friend, Protected and Public visibility modifiers

  • Build exception-handling into methods, to create robust, user-friendly applications

  • Create derived classes that inherit from custom-written or .NET Framework classes

  • Create interfaces and apply techniques of polymorphism effectively and appropriately

  • Work with generic types

  • Define and use Visual Basic default properties

  • Understand the role of delegates in event handling

  • Recognise the huge role of (generic) delegates in the .NET FCL beyond event handling

  • Use lambda expressions effectively in Visual Basic code

  • Make use of the major VB 2008 feature - LINQ (Language Integrated Query)

  • Version assemblies and know how .NET searches and loads the correct DLL's(Appendix)

  • Efficiently manage resources (Appendix)

  • See the role of Attributes in .NET as metadata that can be 'reflected' upon (Appendix)

Who Should Attend

  • .Net
  • Java
  • Developers
  • Web
    • This course is intended for developers who will use Visual Basic.NET to write .NET Framework applications and who are new to the Visual Basic.NET programming language. This includes those currently working with Visual Basic 6.0 or Java.

    • Delegates must understand the fundamentals of programming and should have some existing knowledge of object oriented programming concepts.
    • This is a course for developers. Good Windows keyboard skills and an ability to 'leave the mouse alone' are an absolute necessity.
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