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Web Application Hackingסייבר ואבטחת מידע

Web Application Hacking

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This course is a practical guide to discovering and exploiting security flaws in web applications. By “web applications” we mean those that are accessed using a web browser to communicate with a web server. We examine a wide variety of different technologies, such as databases, file systems, and web services, but only in the context in which these are employed by web applications. Throughout the course, we spell out the specific steps you need to follow to detect each type of vulnerability, and how to exploit it to perform unauthorized actions.

On Completion, Delegates will be able to

  • Improve your understanding of web vulnerabilities and security

  • Manual and automated application mapping

  • Anatomy of server attacks; from injection to root

  • Learn how to attack Authentication and Session

  • Learn how to attack and exploit data-stores (SQL, noSQL)

  • Learn Client attack techniques (XSS, CSRF)

  • Learn how to attack Access Controls

  • Learn how to attacking Back-End Components and Application Logic

  • Gain better understanding in OS & service hardening

  • Gain understanding in input sanitation and data validation

  • Learn about web application filters and firewalls

Who Should Attend

  • Developers
  • Cyber
    • Penetration testers

    • Web application developers

    • Security vendors and service providers (IPS, WAF, Browser security)

    • Web-focused QA with aspirations in security

    • Hands-on familiarity with web technologies (HTML, javascript, SQL, server-code)
    • Good system skills (Linux or WIndows, preferably both)
    • Good coding skills (any of these will do: java, python, c#, javascript, php …)
    • Good understanding in networking technologies (IP, TCP, DNS, HTTP, HTTPs)
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