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WM806G: CICS V5.3 Fundamentals

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In this comprehensive course, you learn about all the concepts and facilities of IBM CICS Transaction Server V5.3. After completing this course, you have the prerequisite knowledge for all of the follow-on CICS courses that IBM Training offers.

This course gives you a solid background in the transactions and application programming interfaces (APIs) that are supplied with CICS. You learn about general guidelines and programming aids that support application development for CICS, including the features of CICSPlex System Manager, working with the CICS Explorer graphical tools, how CICS protects its resources, and managing data integrity. You also learn about the facilities that enable CICS to connect and communicate with other systems, and how to design and write CICS applications.

Hands-on exercises throughout the course are designed to reinforce the lecture material, and give you practical experience in working with the basics of CICS transaction processing and resource management. The exercises build skills in areas such as using the supplied transactions and the CICS Explorer, defining and managing CICS resources, CICS web services and interfaces, and debugging CICS applications.

This course is applicable to all releases of CICS TS and includes the related Version 5 updates for CICS TS V5.2 and CICS TS V5.3.


On Completion, Delegates will be able to

Describe the role of CICS in a business transaction environment and its support for modern interfaces

Identify the major business advantages of CICS TS V5.3

Outline the flow of a typical CICS transaction

Describe the functions that the primary CICS supplied transactions perform

Use the CICS master terminal transaction (CEMT) to query and control system resources

Describe various ways of defining resources in CICS

Use transactions that CICS supplies to define and manage resources

Explain how CICS stores and manages resource definitions

Describe the features, advantages, and use of the CICS and z/OS Explorer

Use the CICS Explorer to connect, navigate, and manage resources

List the CICS recoverable resources and how they provide data integrity

Describe CICS transaction backout and forward recovery

Describe the facilities that CICS provides for maintaining data integrity

Describe CICS support for databases, Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) files, queuing, and IBM MQ

Use the CICS transactions and CICS Explorer to create and explore CICS queues, files, and database resources

Describe how CICS implements security, the types of security, and what it uses for user identification and authentication

List the types of CICS starts and shutdowns

List the facilities that CICSPlex System Manager provides to manage the CICS topologies and its role in cloud enablement

Describe the functions of presentation, business, and data access logic

Define the role and use of the COMMAREAs and CHANNELs in CICS applications

Show how CICS basic mapping support (BMS) supports the 3270 display

Describe the different types of CICS application designs and supported programming architectures for both procedural and object-oriented languages

Describe how CICS implements web services support for SOAP and JSON services

Use the CICS Explorer to explore CICS web services

Use Rational Developer for System z to explore map resources

Describe the syntax of a CICS command and how to handle exception processing

Use the transactions that CICS supplies for testing and debugging

Describe the facilities that are available in CICS for intercommunication


Who Should Attend

This CICS TS V5.3 course is designed for IT personnel who have little or no CICS experience.


תכנית הלימודים

Full Syllabus
PDF להורדה
  • Course introduction
  • Introducing CICS
  • CICS supplied transactions
  • Exercise: CICS supplied transactions
  • Defining CICS resources
  • Exercise: Defining CICS resources
  • Introducing the CICS Explorer
  • Exercise: Using the CICS Explorer
  • Managing data integrity
  • Data access
  • Exercise: Exploring data resources
  • CICS security
  • Startup and shutdown
  • Exercise: Managing CICS resources
  • CICSPlex System Management overview
  • Designing CICS applications
  • Exercise: Exploring CICS web services
  • Writing CICS programs
  • Exercise: Reviewing CICS BMS maps
  • Testing and debugging CICS programs
  • Exercise: Debugging applications with EDF
  • CICS intercommunication
  • Course summary

Before taking this course, you should have basic knowledge of data processing and an IBM operating system. Some programming experience in a high-level language like COBOL or Java is helpful.

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