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John Bryce Overview

John Bryce Training, the training department of Matrix, is a leading provider of professional IT, computerization and management skills training services in Israel and Europe. John Bryce Training has 3 training centers in Israel.

John Bryce Training offers its clients training services, assimilation and end to end learning from organizational and individual survey and knowledge gap mapping (training requirements), creating tailor made training solutions for organizations and its employees, conducting relevant training and finally assimilation, whereby the employee’s behavioral modification and perception is an extremely significant component when implementing the material taught in the course.

At John Bryce Training, service is fully tailored to the clients’ needs, based on their preferred scope and location: from a wide range of training courses and activities at John Bryce Training facilities, at the client’s office or full outsourcing activities.

John Bryce Training, the training department of Matrix, provides a wide range of training and learning solutions that incorporate classroom learning (Instructor Led Training), personal support and in the field assimilation, all this while integrating advanced, innovative learning technologies based on combining the E-Learning concept with traditional learning techniques.

John Bryce Training activities are divided into 5 major areas:

  •   Training professionals in a variety technology while taking utmost care to provide a training solution to all employee sectors, based on their degree of knowledge and technological requirements.
  •   Soft skills management training, including management, service and sales skills training in high tech and technology organizations.
  •   High-tech & IT re-training / career change courses, which focus on hands-on practice and market demands, enabling all individuals and candidates to make a career change to the field of computerization and information systems.
  •   Training and assimilation of organizational information systems – designated systems such as ERP/CRM, Billing, Office and so forth, for organizational users.
  •   E-learning services combined with other learning processes (Blended learning).

John Bryce Training is a certified training center and Business partner for the world's leading hardware, software and communications vendors such as:


And more. In some John Bryce Training has exclusivity in Israel and in others it is the largest and leading training partner in Israel.

John Bryce Training has several luxurious training centers in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. The training centers include over 50 computer classrooms equipped with state of the art equipment necessary for conducting the training sessions in the finest manner, including advanced and especially well-built work stations and advanced designated servers. The classrooms are well equipped with the finest training tools in the field, including screen projection devices and central control over students’ end stations.

Why you should select John Bryce Training – the training department of Matrix?

  •   The largest training center of all international software and hardware companies with international software supplier's awards for excellence in Israel and abroad.
  •   Powerful and stable financial backing of the Matrix Company and ability to provide technologically integrated services and training.
  •   Unique methodology and perception for implementing training and assimilating technology and information systems.
  •   Professionalism in training, technology, management and organizational change with a staff of dozens of senior technological instructors (unique in today’s global training centers).
  •   The only center that provides end to end solutions in all areas of training (all technologies, all areas) from training to assimilation.
  •   Leading, excellent training and technology instructors – the structure is based on full time employees with a staff of expert lecturers from the industry.
  •   Management levels – abundant professional experience both in training and technology.
  •   Luxurious training centers with computerization and training equipment at the forefront of technology and expansive geographic spread.
  •   John Bryce Training focuses on the client at its activity center, maintains the principles of fairness and aspires to lead in all areas in terms of technology.
  •   Intellectual, professional and operational flexibility. John Bryce Training takes pride in its absolute flexibility that begins with tailoring the study content, professional creativity when teaching the courses and operational creativity of several classrooms, instructors and so vast a number of training centers, and ends with professional and administrative supply, providing each client a genuine added value.
  •   John Bryce Training is the largest and leading Company in Israel in the fields of training and implementation (as demonstrated in recent reports published by research companies covering the Israeli IT market IDC and STKI).
  •   John Bryce Training has been selected recently, for the ninth time in a row, as the best and most professional college for computer studies, according to a survey of Geocartography Institute.

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