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John Bryce training offers you to Learn AWS from the experts 

Our AWS training courses give you the knowledge you need to start  and build your cloud skills – including information on AWS Virtual Machines and Virtual Private Cloud, platform as a service (PaaS)and Software as a service  (SaaS) using CloudFormation, "AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell", AWS CLI for automation and management also migrating from on- prem to the cloud. In addition to other AWS Services includes Storage and Security that every IT pro should know.


AWS Technical Essentials
AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials


Architecting on AWS
Systems Operations on AWS
Developing on AWS


Advanced Architecting on AWS
DevOps Engineering on AWS
Security Engineering on AWS
Big Data on AWS


 |for further information contact Katy Spektor | ‎03-7100732




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ספרו לי עוד

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