MongoDB Essentials

מק"ט: #4601 | משך קורס: 24 שעות אק'

This course combines the developer and administrator training into one. It covers everything you need to know from building and designing an application on top of MongoDB to successfully deploying and maintaining it. Instead of taking two 2-day courses, this training covers the same content in just 3 days.

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קהל יעד

Developers and administrators who would like to know how to build and design an application on top of MongoDB to successfully deploying and maintaining it.


Introduction to MongoDB

  • What is MongoDB and Why?
    • Core concepts
    • Environments
    • Documentation
  • Different deployment models
  • JSON
  • Installation


CRUD and the MongoDB Shell

  • Introduction to the MongoDB API and the core concepts of documents and collections


Indexing and Schema Design

  • Indexing, query profiling and the query optimizer
  • Some schema design case studies
  • Practice modeling various domains
  • Schemas for atomic operations



  • How the drivers work in general
  • Driver APIs with examples



  • Overview of replication
  • Setting up replica sets
  • How replication affects application design


Performance Troubleshooting

  • Getting information about MongoDB
  • Performance indicators



  • Typical monitoring setup.
  • How to integrate with custom monitoring solutions.
  • Red flags: things to watch for.



  • Overview of sharding
  • Setting up sharding
  • How sharding affects application design


Backups and Recovery

  • mongodump based approaches
  • File system/storage level approaches
  • Tradeoffs


Additional Topics as Time and Interest Permit

  • GeoSpatial Indexes
  • GridFS
  • Aggregation


Q & A and Hands-on Work


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