AC990 - Tips and Tricks in Management Accounting (incl.Delta SAP R/3 4.6 to SAP ERP Central Component 6.0)

מק"ט: #8137 | משך קורס: 24 שעות אק'

Obtain specialist knowledge about optimizing performance and process integration.

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קהל היעד

  • Project managers and project employees
  • Employees who are responsible for implementing Management Accounting
  • Employees who deal with special issues in Management Accounting

תנאי קדם


  • Detailed knowledge of Customizing in Management Accounting


  • Course participants should have theoretical and practical knowledge
  • of Cost Accounting and the business processes in the SAP system.


  • Delta information from 4.6 to ECC 6.0
  • Worklists using Schedule Manager as an example
  • The New General Ledger and its effects on Management Accounting
  • Reconciliation of FI and SD with CO-PA
  • External data interface to CO-PA
  • Archive transaction data and profitability segments in CO-PA
  • Further special topics in CO-PA
  • Handling high data volumes in CO-PA

Course Based on Software Release ERP ECC 6.0


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