Advanced iPhone Development

מק"ט: #5132 | משך קורס: 32 שעות אק'

The course covers advanced development techniques, multi-threading, networking, 2D & 3D graphics, Databases, push notifications and much more

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קהל יעד

The target audiences for the course are experienced developers and iPhone boot-camp graduates


Exception handling

  • NSException
  • NSError
  • Exception handling techniques



  • Queues
  • NSNotificationCenter
  • Senders
  • Observers
  • The big picture



  • Introduction to multi-threaded applications
  • Auto-release pool
  • NSThread
  • NSTimer
  • Spawning new thread
  • Synchronization


Working with databases

  • Introduction to databases and SQL queries.
  • Creating SQLite DB file
  • Setting up a simple SQLLite database for your application.
  • Connecting, requesting and storing information in your SQLLite database.
  • Working with databases: SQLLite and NSDictionary


URL Schemas

  • Launch your application based on URL
  • Send E-mail from your application
  • Display web-content using WebKit


Web Notation Parsing

  • Parsing XML
  • Parsing JSON
  • Intro to web-services


Networking and connectivity:

  • GameKit
  • Introduction to the Bonjour Zero-Config technology.
  • Publishing network services.
  • Browsing for network services.
  • NSStreams
  • Implementing a server.
  • Connecting to a service.
  • Data exchange.
  • The peer picker


The Apple push notification service:

  • Overview of the Apple push notification service.
  • Sandbox and production environments.
  • Creating a simple push notifications provider.


Core Graphics & Quartz 2D

  • Using Core Graphics from Cocoa
  • Quartz – 2D
  • Gradients
  • Creating PDF files from your App


Core animations

  • Using Core Animations from Cocoa
  • Animation blocks
  • Transformations
  • Using Core animations with Carbon-C