Advanced Linux Tools & Shell Scripts

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This course is aimed to enable the user to work in an efficient manner with the UNIX system by using powerful Unix & Linux tools and writing Bash scripts.
As a part of the overview, we discuss advanced data manipulation utilities. We also take a close look at the shell and its environment, as well as advanced use of the shell.

Each topic involves practical hands-on labs and exercises, including writing data files examinations scripts & advanced automated administration scripts.   

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מטרות הקורס

  • To become a sophisticated Unix user
  • To understand regular expressions and their usage in different Linux utilities and commands
  • To develop Bash scripts
  • To use basic AWK implementations and SED for word processing

דרישות קדם

  • Basic Unix/Linux tools knowledge (file manipulations, permissions and more…)    
  • Basic programming understanding (any Programming language will do) 

קהל יעד

Engineers who have good Unix/Linux experience.

נושאי הקורס

Introduction to Shells

  • The various shells & versions differences.
  • What's new in bash v.3   


Advanced Unix tools - overview & review 

  • Wild Cards
  • pipes
  • head/tail
  • cut
  • tr
  • sort
  • advanced grep options 



  • Using  & Defining
  • Environment Variables (local & "global")
  • Predefined variables & System files


Handling Parameters

  • positional parameters
  • Interactive interface  


Making Decisions

  • The if statement  
  • Shell build in conditions
  • Exit status



  • The "while" loop
  • The "for each" loop
  • The "for" loop
  • Seq  


Interactive user interface (optional)

  • Using dialog
  • Zenity GUI dialog box
  • Kdialog GUI dialog box


Arithmetic in the Shell


Debugging in the Shell


Regular Expressions

  • RE "wild cards"
  • RE quantifiers
  • RE Anchor



  • Find & replace
  • Using RE with sed
  • Nested sed
  • sed file & sed script   


awk- basic Introduction and implementations


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