Advanced Scala

מק"ט: #3560 | משך קורס: 16 שעות אק'

If you already have programming experience with Scala and want to understand its advanced features, this two-day class is designed to help developers fully understand topics such as advanced object-functional programming, the type system, implicits, etc. The class then covers how to leverage these features to create well-designed libraries or DSL’s utilizing proven best practices.

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  • understand all aspects of the object-functional approach
  • know and be able to apply advanced features of Scala's type system
  • fully understand implicit conversions
  • be confident to design libraries and DSLs

קהל יעד

  • Developers proficient in Java, C++, C# or Ruby already have programming experience with Scala

דרישות קדם

  • A basic knowledge of Scala as covered in the "Fast Track to Scala" course with at least two months practical experience in developing with Scala.
  • Students should bring their own laptop with Java 6 or higher installed.


  • Short recap of important basics
  • Object-functional programming in depth
  • Mastering the type system
  • Explicitly implicit
  • Internal DSLs
  • Custom Scala collections