Advanced SQL – Practical Techniques and Use-Cases

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This training, delivered by Ram Kedem, focuses on complex queries, and entirely composed of advanced “real-world” SQL problems and solutions.
The materials of this course are based on decade of experience working with various databases, challenging job interviews questions, and many complex SQL problems. Throughout this training you will learn “hands-on” advanced SQL, based on real experience of different users.  

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קהל יעד

This course is intended primarily for database administrators, code writers, BI developers, QA professionals, analysts and other professionals who are responsible for writing SQL queries.
This course also serves as an excellent preparation for technical job interviews in SQL.

תנאי קדם

  • Experience and Familiarity with the SQL language concepts and syntax are a must


This training is not a regular course, in which a series of theoretical subjects are spread according to a certain hierarchical order. Just as every SQL problem in the real world requires understanding of various elements in the SQL language, each exercise in the course incorporates different concepts. Through understanding of the problems this course presents, you will learn many techniques, such as:

  • Complex scalar functions
  • Advanced techniques for filtering and sorting values
  • Working with analytical functions
  • Advanced use of Group Functions
  • Working with complex Sub-Queries
  • Use of CTE and recursive CTE
  • Advanced tables integration using JOIN, UNION and CROSS APPLY
  • XML techniques for solving complex problems
  • Working with PIVOT and UNPIVOT

All of the techniques will be presented using the MSSQL Server syntax.