Advanced Tcl/Tk Programming

מק"ט: #7500 | משך קורס: 8 שעות אק'

This course contains a few advanced topics of the Tcl programming language, such as advanced usages of Regular Expressions, to perform sophisticated text manipulations, as well as using the expect module to perform automated remote tasks.

*שדות חובה
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מטרות הקורס

  • Use Regular Expressions in a Tcl program
  • Perform advanced string manipulations
  • Use the package command
  • Perform basic code profiling inspections
  • Use the expect package to create automated network tasks

קהל יעד

Software developers and QA personnel, who are well familiar with the Tcl programming language and wish to extend their knowledge

תנאי קדם

  • Strong programming experience in Tcl.
  • A strong understanding of programming issues, such as functions, loops and variable evaluations is necessary.
  • Understanding of using network utilities, such as telnet/ssh, ftp is necessary.
  • Using the Linux CLI is an advantage, as the course uses the Linux OS as its platform.


  • General information
  • Regular expressions:
    • Using the regexp command
    • Regular expression examples
  • Using packages:
    • The package command
    • The package – require
    • Using TclX
  • Using automated remote network facilities:
    • Using the expect command
  • Exercising Tcl scripts