AL32V1: Korn and Bash Shell Programming

מק"ט: #5495 | משך קורס: 40 שעות אק'

This course will teach you how to use shell scripts and utilities for practical system administration of the IBM RISC System/6000.

*שדות חובה
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קהל יעד

Support staff of AIX for RISC System/6000.


דרישות קדם

An understanding of programming fundamentals: variables, flow control concepts such as repetition and decision. A working knowledge of AIX including the use of the vi editor, find and grep commands. Students without this experience should attend AIX Version 5 Basics Plus.

מטרות הקורס

After completing this course, students should be able to:
• Distinguish Korn and bash shell specific features
• Use utilities such as sed and awk to manipulate data
• Understand system shell Scripts such as /etc/shutdown
• Write useful shell Scripts to aid system administration

נושאי הקורס

• Basic shell concepts
• Flow control in a shell Script
• Functions and typeset
• Shell features such as arithmetic and string handling
• Using regular expressions
• Using sed, awk and other AIX utilities

לפי יצרן: