AN120: Power Systems for AIX II: AIX Implementation and Administration

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Learn to install, customize and administer the AIX operating system in a multiuser POWER (System p) partitioned environment. The course is based on AIX 6.1 running on a Power6 system managed by Hardware Management Console version 7 and provides practical discussions that are appropriate to earlier AIX releases.

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קהל יעד

This intermediate course is intended for system administrators or anyone implementing and managing an AIX operating system in a multiuser POWER (System p) partitioned environment.

דרישות קדם

The students attending this course should already be able to:

  • Log in to an AIX system and set a user password
  • Execute basic AIX commands
  • Manage files and directories
  • Use the vi editor
  • Use redirection, pipes, and tees
  • Use the utilities find and grep
  • Use the command and variable substitution
  • Set and change Korn shell variables
  • Write simple shell scripts
  • Use a graphic Common Desktop Environment (CDE) interface

These skills can be acquired by attending AIX Basics (AU13) or through equivalent AIX/UNIX knowledge. 

In addition, it would be helpful (but not mandatory) that you are familiar with partitioning concepts and technology as taught in Power Virtualization I: LPAR Planning and Configuration (AN110) or (AX110).


After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Install the AIX operating system, filesets, and RedHat Package Manager (RPM) packages
  • Perform system startup and shutdown
  • Discuss and use system management tools such as System Management Interface Tool (SMIT) and IBM systems director console for AIX
  • Manage physical and logical devices
  • Discuss the purpose of the logical volume manager
  • Perform logical volume and file system management
  • Create and manage user and group accounts
  • Perform and restore system backups
  • Utilize administrative subsystems, including cron to schedule system tasks, and security to implement customized access of files and directories
  • Configure TCP/IP networking
  • Implement Workload Partitions (WPAR)    


  • Unit 1: Introduction to IBM POWER systems, AIX and system administration
  • Unit 2: AIX system management tools
  • Unit 3: System startup and shutdown
  • Unit 4: AIX installation
  • Unit 5: AIX software installation and maintenance
  • Unit 6: System configuration and devices
  • Unit 7: System storage overview
  • Unit 8: Working with the Logical Volume Manager
  • Unit 9: File systems administration
  • Unit 10: Paging space
  • Unit 11: Backup and restore
  • Unit 12: Security and user administration: Part 1
  • Unit 13: Security and user administration: Part 2
  • Unit 14: Scheduling and time
  • Unit 15: TCP/IP networking
  • Unit 15: TCP/IP networking (continued)
  • Unit 16: Introduction to workload partitions
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