Angular 7 & ASP.NET Core Web API

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This course provides the necessary skills and techniques to design and write modern Web applications using the Google's Angular and Microsoft ASP.NET WebAPI.
You will gain in-depth technical knowledge of ASP.NET WebAPI and Angular for building Restful Single Page Application (SPA) application using the Web API Core at the server side and Angular at the client side.
Through the course we will build a fully functional web site using best practices for cross device web/mobile applications.
The course presents a mixture of lectures and hand-on exercises. Instructions and solutions are provided for C# and Typescript.

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קהל יעד

Developers who want to understand and experience building modern Web Applications using the Microsoft server side architecture “ASP.NET CORE Web API” and the Google's Angular for Single Page Application (SPA) implementation.

תנאי קדם

  • Good knowledge of HTML and HTTP specifications
  • Good knowledge of the C# Programming Language
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript Programming Language


Introduction to Angular

  • Single Page Applications (SPA)
  • The need for JavaScript framework
  • Reactive Programing and the future of Web Applications
  • Setting up the environment
  • “Hello Angular” - your first app.

Type Script

  • Angular is built on Type Script
  • JavaScript, ECMAScript5 , ECMAScript 6 and Type Script
  • Understanding the JavaScript Closures
  • Types
  • Classes
  • Inheritance
  • Generics Modules
  • Tools

Angular Under the Hood

  • Angular architecture
  • How Angular works
  • The application
  • The model
  • The components
  • The component decorator
  • Putting it all together
  • Angular-cli

Angular Components

  • NgFor
  • NgIf
  • NgSwitch
  • NgStyle
  • NgClass

Pipes, Directives and Custom Components

  • Create custom components
  • @Input, @Output decorators
  • Create custom directive
  • Use Renderer, ViewChild, ViewChildren
  • Use built in pipes and create custompipes

Angular Forms

  • Forms in Angular
  • Using controls in forms
  • Using Control Groups
  • Constructing a Form using a FormBuilder
  • Input Validations
  • Watchers
  • The NgModel
  • Reactive forms VS Template


  • What is Routing
  • The need for routing
  • Routing options
  • Path Location
  • Passing parameters
  • Nested routes
  • Lazy Loading and Performance

Services, Observers and the RxJS library

  • Understanding Reactive Programing
  • Working with the RxJS library
  • Working with data Observables
  • Promises vs. Observables
  • Implementing custom services

Communicating with the Server

  • XHR and AJAX
  • Working with Angular http
  • Basic get request
  • Using REST
  • HttpClient , promises and observables
  • HttpClient API (custom headers, etc.)

What's New in Angular

  • CLI Menu
  • Angular Elements
  • TypeScript 3.1 support
  • RxJS 6

.Net core

  • Introduction
  • What is .net core
  • ASP.NET Core Features
  • ASP.NET Core Environment Setup
  • Project Layout


  • Creating Web APIs
  • Web API Routing and Actions
  • Working with HTTP
  • Formats and Model Binding
  • Hosting
  • Extensibility
  • Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)
  • Custom Routes
  • Validation

Using ADO.Net Entity Framework

  • Introduction to Entity Framework
  • Modeling and Query generation
  • Using Entity Framework with Web API
  • Updating data using Entity Framework
  • When to use and When not to use Entity Framework
  • EF in .net core VS EF in .net Framework