BC402: Advanced ABAP

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  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of the ABAP programming language
  • Write more robust ABAP programs
  • Assess ABAP programming techniques according to performance aspects and develop high-performance programs
  • Develop dynamic ABAP programs

קהל יעד

  • Developer
  • Consultants

תנאי קדם


  • SAPTEC Fundamentals of SAP Web AS
  • Course 8003- BC400 ABAP Workbench Foundations
  • BC401 ABAP Objects


  • BC430 ABAP Dictionary
  • Practical programming experience in ABAP (Objects)


  • ABAP runtime environment
  • Program calls and memory management
  • Shared Objects
  • ABAP types and data objects in detail
  • Boxed Components
  • Unicode
  • String operations in detail
  • Work with internal tables in detail
  • Work with field symbols and data references
  • Dynamic programming
  • Runtime type information, runtime type creation
  • Complex Open SQL statements
  • Recommendations and conventions
  • Performance rules


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