BOD320: Design Studio 1.6 Advanced Training

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  • Learn advanced aspects of application design in SAP Business Objects Design Studio like Maps, Online Composition, Performance optimization, and many more.

קהל יעד

  • Project team members
  • Application consultants

תנאי קדם


  • Course 8176- BOD310 - Design Studio 1.6 Basic Training


  • None


  • Creating and using Maps for Geo-Reporting
  • Setting Up Bookmarking Scenarios to build up an online composition use case
    • Bookmark
    • Fragment Bookmark
    • Portable Fragment Bookmark
  • Learn about performance relevant settings and how to analyze performance
    • Processing Groups
    • Variable Merge / Unmerge
    • Background Processing
    • Best Practices
  • Complex scripting scenarios like
    • generic data source selection
    • multiple selections in charts & crosstabs


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