Configuration and Administration with Ansible

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Automation and orchestration is becoming more common in the enterprise as departments continue to do "more with less." Ansible is an open-source automation tool for managing your configuration, provisioning, and change management. We start with orchestration and change management fundamentals then move to how Ansible works.

In this course will show you how to get started with automation and orchestration using the open-source tool Ansible version 2.x. Many hands-on demos are included to show how to implement your automation tasks.

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  • Setup Configuration Management systems like Ansible
  • Create simple & basic Playbooks
  • Provision any system
  • Create a deploy playbook of any package

קהל יעד

  • CMs
  • IT
  • OOP Developers that want to embed Jenkins in their projects
  • DevOps developers

תנאי קדם

  • Familiarity with basic Linux administration


Ansible Introduction

  • What is Ansible
  • Change Management
  • Provisioning
  • Automation
  • Orchestration
  • Why use Ansible
  • YAML
  • Built in Security
  • Extendable

Architecture and Process FLow

  • Architecture Introduction
  • System Requirements
  • Components Overview
  • Process of Execution
  • Execution Types
  • Architecture Conclusion


Creating Environment

  • Introduction
  • Installing Ansible
  • Install Ansible on Windows
  • Testing Lab with your first Ansible Commands
  • Conclusion


Ansible Inventory and Configuration

  • Introduction to Inventory and Configuration
  • Inventory Fundamentals
  • Demo : Inventory Basics
  • Scaling-out with Multiple Files
  • Demo: Scaling-out with Multiple Files
  • Ansible Configuration Basics
  • Demo: Ansible Configuration
  • Demo: Workign with Python3-based Systems


Ansible Modules

  • Ansible Modules Introduction
  • Ansible Modules Fundamentals
  • Using Windows Modules
  • Demo : Using Module Docs and YUM Moudle
  • Demo: Using SETUP Module

Plays and Playbooks

  • Introduction
  • Plays and Playbook Basics
  • Demo: Basic Playbook
  • Playbook Logic and More
  • Demo: Advanced Playbook Usage


  • Introduction to roles
  • Rolesa Basics
  • Demo: Creating Roles
  • Asible Galaxy Introduction
  • Demo: Using Ansible Galaxy
  • Ansible Tower