Configuration and Administration with Chef

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Chef is a robust and highly scalable platform for provisioning and configuring infrastructure.
Chef is used to streamline the task of configuring and maintaining a company's servers.
Chef contains solutions for both small and large scale systems, with features and pricing for the respective ranges.

This course will take you through provisioning the Chef server and using it to configure Windows and Linux client servers.
in this course we will develop Chef cookbooks designed to configure pre-existing Windows Server and Ubuntu Server systems with a fully-functional web application with database backend

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  • Setup Configuration Management systems like Chef
  • Create simple & basic Recipes
  • Provision any system

קהל יעד

  • OOP Developers that want to embed Jenkins in their projects
  • DevOps developers
  • IT 

תנאי קדם

  • Familiarity with basic Linux administration
  • Understanding Bash and Unix like languages


Planning for Chef

  • The Problem of Scaling Server Management
  • Example: a Sample Chef recipe
  • Sign up for Hosted Chef
  • Look at the Core Components of Chef Server


Installing Chef

  • Overview and Prerequisites
  • Install and Configure Chef Server on Ubuntu
  • Install and Configure Chef Management Console
  • Install and Configure Chef reporting


Configuring the Chef Workstation

  • Configuring the Chef Workstation
  • Configure ChefDK
  • Start Using ChefDk

Bootstrapping Chef Nodes

  • Bootstrap Client Servers Using Knife
  • Configure Client with Chef Recipes


Write a Windows Web Application Cookbook

  • Introduction and Overview
  •  Create and Deploy the all nodes Cookbook
  • Deploy the Windows Web Server Roles
  • Install and Configure SQL Server
  • Create and Deploy the Web Application


Write A Linux Web Application Cookbook

  • Overview and Chef Client Configuration
  • Configure Apache Web Service on Ubuntu
  • Install and Configure MYSQL Services
  • Configure a web application on Ubuntu


Create a Code Testing Environment

  • Introduction
  • Install and Configure Oracle Virtual Box
  • Install and Configure Vagrant
  • Install and Configure Packer


Verify Your Code with Test Kitchen

  • Test Basic Linux Cookbook with Test Kitchen
  • Test Basic Windows Cookbook with Test Kitchen
  • Test Complex Linux Cookbook with Test Kitchen
  • Test Complex Windows Cookbook with Test Kitchen
  • Summary