Configuration and Administration with Puppet 4

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Puppet is a popular open-source tool for configuration management. Puppet is portable and can be used on both Linux & Windows platforms.
This course presents the system management and configuration tool known as Puppet, from methods, techniques, and capabilities to implementation. Each participant will learn how to install the Puppet master and agent (client) applications and learn about the impact on the Linux system. A great deal of time and attention will be spent learning, writing, and applying resource definitions, the key part of Puppet that allows an administrator to synchronize environments easily and uniformly.

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  • Setup Puppet with or without Server
  • Create simple & basic manifests
  • Provision any system
  • Setup Inventory information on their own System

קהל יעד

  • CMs.
  • System Administration
  • OOP Developers that want to embed Jenkins in their projects
  • DevOps developers 

תנאי קדם

  • Familiarity with basic Linux administration
  • Experience with any scripting language (bash/ksh/Perl/Python) 


Language Essentials

  • CM and Puppet
  • Install the Puppet Client
  • Working with Puppet Apply and Manifests
  • Working with Puppet Resources
  • Exposing the Puppet Language
  • Managing Resource Relationships


Working with Modules and Classes

  • Understanding Modules and Classes
  • Working with Puppet Environments
  • Working with Modules
  • Working with Puppet Classes
  • Implementing Parameterized Classes
  • Implementing Class Inheritance
  • Working with Custom Resource Types


Server and Puppet Enterprise

  • What Is the Puppet Server?
  • Installing Puppet Enterprise
  • Investigating the Dashboard
  • Installing the Agent
  • Configuring Hiera on the Server
  • Deploying Modules to Agents
  • Puppet Roles and Profiles


Working with Files and Templates

  • Puppet File and Template Tools
  • Using Puppet Templates
  • Working with ERB Templates
  • Working with EPP Templates
  • Delivering Files with Puppet
  • Ensure Content Using File Line
  • Delivery of File Parts with Concat


Hiera – single source of truth

  • Hiera, the Single Source of Truth for Puppet
  • Getting Started with Hiera
  • Hiera Configuration
  • Writing the Data Source
  • Command Line Verification
  • Simple Worked Example and What Goes Wrong
  • Refactoring the NTP Module for Hiera