Couchbase Server Java Developer Training

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Couchbase Server Java Developer training is designed to give you a complete guide to developing applications using Couchbase Server. Training is provided over two days, with hands-on exercises and sample applications throughout to help you use and understand the different operations, patterns and capabilities to get the best out of your Couchbase Server based applications.

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  • Deploy a Couchbase Server Cluster
  • Manage and monitor Couchbase Server for best performance and operation
  • Develop a Java application using Couchbase Server
  • Design and build a document database application
  • Build and write views for querying Couchbase Server

קהל יעד

Architects and developers wanting to make use of NoSQL, document database and developers looking to develop interactive, high-performance applications.

תנאי קדם

You will need to know Java (or a similar object-oriented language), and be familiar with Eclipse IDE, and have some basic knowledge of database tools.


Introduction and High Level Architecture
An overview of Couchbase Server, what if offers and how it works.

Getting Started
Quick installation and setup guide to get a cluster running that will be used for the exercises and application development for the rest of the training course. The basic protocol, interface, connection and operations are also introduced here.

Asynchronous and Advanced operations
Guide to the asynchronous protocol operations available in Java, and advanced operations such as Compare and Swap (CAS).


Using JSON in Couchbase
How to use JSON to define information, including a basic introduction to the structure of a document and how it can be used to model different types of data.

Document Design and Beer Data
An overview of designing and populating information using a document database and a closer look at the sample database, document types and document structure, and how these decisions affect document design.

Sample App. – Intro. and Data Model
Overview of the sample application that will be used to demonstrate the functionality of the development environment and building applications using Couchbase Server as the data store.

Tutorial Sample Exercise
A detailed exercise to build an application using Couchbase Server and the techniques developed during the day.

Quick Review of Day One
A quick review of the content learned in day 1.

Tutorial Sample exercises review
Examination of the different techniques covered when building the sample application.

Introduction to Query and Views
What views are, and how they provide support for querying the data stored within Couchbase Server. Also covers the key considerations when writing views and how the view mechanism builds indexes and query capabilities.

Logging and other Advanced concepts
Coping with errors and using the logging solutions built in to the client library and Couchbase Server for identifying and diagnosing problems.

Exercises on Views
A suite of different exercises designed to expand your knowledge of view development by giving you hands-on exercises. You’ll cover different view techniques and advantages and disadvantages of different view building techniques.

Enhancement of Tutorial for Views
Expanding on the earlier tutorial application, you’ll be asked to expand and enhance your application by adding views into your application.

Sample app. walkthrough and enhancement
An examination of our completed application, how the different components work together and possible areas for further enhancement and improvements.

Final Review, Roadmap and conclusions
A look forward to the future improvements to the development environment and tools, an opportunity for questions and feedback, and sum up.


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