Creating Interactive MATLAB GUI Applications

מק"ט: #68211 | משך קורס: 8 שעות אק'

Creating Interactive MATLAB GUI Applications is a one-day course that provides techniques for programming graphical-user-interfaces (GUI) in the MATLAB technical computing environment, in order to display information and interact with the application logic.
This course is intended for MATLAB users of all levels, both newbie and experienced. Basic familiarity with MATLAB is assumed, but not strictly required.
A classroom project is presented and analyzed throughout the course.

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  • Understand basic design principles
  • Create simple MATLAB GUIs
  • Manipulate and customize graphs, images and GUI
  • Store and reuse graphs, images and GUI
  • Display data in a variety of GUI manners, including data tables
  • Understand performance implications, to improve GUI speed

קהל יעד

Engineers involved in creating or maintaining MATLAB applications, including:

  • Design and Simulation Engineers
  • Data Analysts
  • Research Scientists
  • Software, Firmware and Hardware Developers
  • Companies wishing to package MATLAB algorithms in a professional modern-looking graphical user interface


תנאי קדם

  • Basic familiarity with the MATLAB programming environment. 
  • Programming experience is advantageous, but NOT necessary



  • Discuss course set-up, materials, and logistics
  • Provide a “big picture” view of the course ahead


Introduction to MATLAB GUI

  • GUIDE – MATLAB’s Graphical User Interface Design Editor
  • Using GUIDE to design a custom GUI
  • Available built-in MATLAB uicontrols
  • GUIDE’s utility windows
  • Creating and using an application’s main menu, toolbar and context menus
  • The GUIDE-generated file-duo
  • Understanding basic design principles


Customizing GUI appearance and behavior

  • Important figure and uicontrol properties
  • Customizing GUI properties, position and behavior
  • Attaching callback functionality to GUI components
  • The handles data struct
  • Mechanisms for information sharing between GUI components/windows
  • Using handle visibility
  • Programmatic control and interaction with GUI components



  • Displaying data in a MATLAB GUI table
  • Reading uitable data
  • Controlling column data type
  • Customizing uitable appearance
  • Uitable callbacks
  • Introduction to further customizations at the Java level


Performance considerations

  • Speeding up the initial GUI generation
  • Improving GUI responsiveness
  • Avoiding common performance pitfalls



  • Where next? – topics and resources for further learning
  • Course evaluation