Debugging Linux Applications

מק"ט: #9127 | משך קורס: 16 שעות אק'

Debugging Linux application is an advanced course which targets already competent Linux programmers who wish to learn more on common failure modes of Linux applications and how to debug them with various tools and programming methods.
The course is provided in cooperation with Codefidence ltd. the leading provider of Linux and Open Source knowledge to the OEM and VAR industry.

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Understand common Linux application failure modes and efficiently debug them using advanced methods

קהל יעד


Competent Linux programmers who wish to achieve a higher degree of understanding on common Linux application failure modes and advanced debugging techniques to handle them.

תנאי קדם

Participants must have completed Linux Programming course or have equivalent knowledge (e.g. student must be able to write a multi threaded application under Linux that use a mutex to protect a shared variable before taking this course.).




Memory overruns           


Build time debugging assistance


  • Pre-processing info

  • Symbols, name mangling and map files, problems regarding symbols

  • Include paths, Lib paths

  •  Dynamic loading


Stack structure


  • What can go wrong?

  • Stacks and multi-threading

  • Stacks and Signals


Dynamic allocations and memory leaks


  • Allocating memory without de-allocation

  • De-allocating non allocated memory

  • De-allocating already de-allocated memory

  • Tools for detecting memory bugs

  • Valgrind

  • Dmalloc


Compiler and linker generated debug assistance


  • What is debug information?

  • Characteristics

  • Preparing your code for further debugging


Multi-threaded applications


  • Synchronization mechanisms  

  • Shared resources and keeping data integrity


Programmed debug assistance


  • Preparing your code for efficient debug and trace

  • Proper exception trapping and handling


 Post-mortem activities


  • Debugging application at customer's site 

  • Core dumps, crash data


Using the GDB debugger efficiently


  • Remote debugging

  • Automation

  • Using Eclipse front end