In-Depth SQL Server Replication For Database Administrators and Architects

מק"ט: #6078 | משך קורס: 32 שעות אק'

This course provides it's participates with deep knowledge and understanding of SQL Server replication feature. By the end of the course the students will be able to design, implement and troubleshoot advanced replication projects, using advanced replication features and options.   

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קהל יעד

Database administrators, database programmers and architects,  interested in widening their knowledge in SQL Server replication.


  • Create transactional and merge replication in SQL Server
  • Maintain, support and upgrade replication implementations
  • Troubleshoot replication problems
  • Use replication for load balancing, high availability and disaster recovery scenarios

תנאי קדם

Students should have at least 2 years experience of administrating SQL Server 2005/8.
Course 2780 - Maintaining a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database – desired.
Course 2779 - Implementing a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database – desired.
Preliminary acquaintance of SQL Server replication mechanism – an advantage. 

משך הקורס

משך הקורס הינו 32 שעות


Day 1

Replication Basics

  • Overview of Replication
  • Replication Scenarios
  1. High Availability
  2. Database Scale Out
  3. Reporting
  4. Offline Activity
  5. Mobile Users


  • Understanding Replication Types
  • Designing a Replication Solution
  • Replication vs. Other SQL Server Technologies


Implementing Replication

  • Implementing Transactional Replication
  • Implementing Merge Replication
  • New Replication Features in SQL Server 2005
  • New Replication Features in SQL Server 2008


Day 2

In-Depth Transactional Replication

  • Transactional Replication Components
  • Considerations When Using Transactional Replication


In-Depth Merge Replication

  • Merge Replication Components
  • Considerations When Using Merge Replication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Data Partitioning & Dynamic Filtering


Day 3

Maintaining Replication

  • Monitoring and Maintaining Replication
  • Schema Changes in Replication Environment
  • Upgrading Replicated Databases
  • Architectural Consideration in Replication Environment
  • Security Considerations
  • Backup and Restore Scenarios
  • Enhancing Replication Performance
  • Best Practices for Implementing Replication in Production


Advanced Replication Techniques

  • Peer to Peer Replication
  • Updatable Subscribers In Transactional Replication
  • Integrating Heterogeneous Data


Day 4


  • Troubleshooting Replication Problems
  • Verbose Logging
  • Analyzing Data
  • Replication Agents Execution


Replication Tips&Tricks for Advanced DBA’s

  • Understanding System Objects and Mechanisms
  • Hacking Transactional Replication
  • Hacking Merge Replication