Developing applications for Social Networks

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In this internet era, social network rules. Millions of clients use social network web sites worldwide for sharing personal or professional knowledge and data. Exploiting this intensive activity for your own development, exposing your ideas through social network and even feeding your application with social network events and notifications is exactly what this course is about. Learn the different APIs of the most popular networks today like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and many more to hook them up with your business.

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תנאי קדם

  • Experience in Java/PHP development
  • Knowledge of HTML and XML semantics
  • Knowledge of Java Script


Understanding REST

  • What is it & what is it good for ?
  • Managing timeline
  • Show, update, remove, retweet
  • User management
  • Updating lists
  • Managing list members
  • Managing subscribers
  • Direct messaging
  • Managing friendships
  • Social graphs
  • Account management
  • Favorites
  • Notifications
  • Block methods
  • Spam reporting


Use AOuth with web and desktop applications

  • What is it & what is it good for ?
  • AOuth Spec
    • Notation and Conventions
    • Definitions
    • Documentation and Registration
    • Request URLs
    • Service Providers
    • Consumers
    • Parameters
    • Authenticating with OAuth
    • Accessing Protected Resources
  • HTTP Response Codes
  • Security Considerations
  • Using AOuth in desktop applications
  • Using AOuth in web browsers
  • Using AOuth in web applications


Understanding Open Social API

  • What is it & what is it good for ?
  • Gadget API
    • Gadget structure
    • Choosing a Content Type
    • Turning an Existing Web Page or Application into a Gadget
    • Saving State
    • Writing Gadgets that Require Login or Cookies
    • Creating user interface
    • Gadget ML
    • Setting hosting for gadget
  • OpenSocial API
    • Role and focus
    • Managing members and relationships
    • Storing data between application launches
    • Activities
    • Notifications & messaging


Using Twitter API

  • What is it & what is it good for ?
  • Performing searches
  • Trends
  • Current trends
  • Daily trends
  • Weekly trends
  • HTTP response code
  • Processing return values
  • Streaming


Develop applications that access Facebook

  • Facebook connect API
    • Role & goal
    • Traffic
    • Engagement
    • Registration
    • Personalization
    • Social context
    • Social interactive experience
  • Running and deploying applications on facebook
    • Facebook developer app
    • Creating new applications
    • Binding personal host to facebook


Developing Facebook applications using FBML

  • What is FBML ?
  • Embedding FBML in HTML
  • FBML main capabilities and elements
  • Social data tags
  • Sanitization tags
  • Design tags
  • Component tags
  • Control tags
  • Creating FBML custom tags